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1925 Harley Davidson Board Track Racer Replica


Harley Davidson: Founded around the turn of the century by William S. Harley, along with brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson, the American Motorcycle Manufacturer is one of few American brands to survive numerous economic challenges. As a brand, they’ve stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of millions around the world.

1914 Indian Board Track Racer


When motorcycle enthusiasts hear the name ‘Indian,’ images of bulky-engine’d, Harley-rivalling bikes are instantly recalled. The Indian brand was a staple of US two-wheel culture, with models such as the Scout and Chief synonymous with beautiful design and faultless dependability.

3 Easy Steps to Consignment


Selling your classic car or motorcycle can be a daunting task in today’s marketplace. That’s where Throttlestop comes in. In three easy steps, our team can get your car ready for market and on to a happy new home.

Board Track Racing — The Forgotten Gladiators of the Motorcycle Arena


No one will argue that it takes guts to race any motorcycle. Modern-day bike racing continues to excite and thrill in a way that no other sport can match.

Craig Vetter's Motorcycle Design Legacy


Sound design was once an underappreciated aspect of success within the motorcycle realm. For such objects of desire that aim to stir heart and soul, nailing an appealing shape and silhouette was enough to make or break the British entrants of the 60s and 70s.

Improving the Breed


Harley-Davidson’s VR1000 race program gave the Motor Company a quantum leap in technology which carried them through the next three decades.

War of the Superbikes


The 1970’s were not only known for the explosion of high-performance Muscle Cars, but the introduction of a new segment of production motorcycles called Superbikes.

God of Thunder


Now you can own the Oscar-winning GT40 noisemaker from “Ford v Ferrari”

Museum Spotlight: 1974 Norton Commando


Just as author T.E. Lawrence was forever connected with his Brough Superior motorcycle, so too is American automotive writer Peter Egan famous for his fond relationship with the Norton Commando.

Timing is Everything


It’s always awkward to tell a customer that the collector vehicle they’d just inquired about days or even hours ago has been sold to someone else.