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Throttlestop is more than just a facility that sells luxury automobiles. Founded by lifelong friends Jim Balestrieri and Tom Kostrivas, Throttlestop is the cumulation of decades of passion for cars, motorcycles, and racing. Both founders have an extensive history working in the automobile industry. As kids, Jim and Tom competed against each other racing “anything with wheels.” These beginnings led Jim to become a regular racing circuit competitor at Road America, a passion he has now passed down to his son. Meanwhile, Tom was hard at work managing his own luxury automobile leasing company in Milwaukee. Together, and with the addition of General Manager Nic Piekarski, the team came together to combine their passions into building the Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake, WI.

Throttlestop’s team, Nic Pierkarski, Tom Kostrivas, and Jim Balestrieri

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Throttlestop was built to share our passion for automobiles with others by consigning and sourcing luxury cars, showcasing our museum of limited-edition motorcycles, and providing exemplary detailing and storage services to owners seeking to protect their prized vehicles. Whether visitors are here to consign a luxury car, purchase a vehicle, view industry relics in our Motorcycle Museum, or to simply explore and be a part of our culture, everyone is welcome at the Throttlestop!

At Throttlestop, automobile enthusiasts will find themselves immersed in a showcase of incredibly rare luxury cars and motorcycles tended to by a team of dedicated and passionate automobile experts. Throttlestop’s visitors flock to Elkhart Lake, WI not only to view our facility’s rotating inventory of luxury class cars but to also visit Throttlestop’s unique Motorcycle Museum. Inside the museum, visitors can get an up-close look at some of the rarest, most exotic motorcycles in the world. Visit Throttlestop, located just two miles outside of the world-famous Road America racetrack in Elkhart Lake, WI and see exactly why we are Driven By Passion.

Throttlestop, located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, has a showroom of rare luxury cars

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We find the personal approach works best for our clients whether they are looking to purchase or sell a prized vehicle. Investors and collectors have sought the expertise of Throttlestop’s knowledgeable staff to source the rarest cars and motorcycles on the planet. We leverage an expansive personal and business network to locate luxury automobiles and deliver them to buyers who are as passionate about them as we are.


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Jim Balestrieri Co-Owner of the Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Jim Balestrieri
Tom Kostrivas Co-Owner of the Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Tom Kostrivas
Nic Pierkarski General Manager of the Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Nic Piekarski
General Manager