Pontiac Ram Air V “366” Tunnel Port Engine


  • This is an original 366 ci/585 hp NASCAR “Baby Grand” Firebird motor
  • The 366 never reached the Grand National Circuit level
  • The 400 ci version was never an official option on a Pontiac but around 200 crated motors were sold for $2,000 per copy
  • Features 4 bolt main bearings, solid lifters, wide base forged Carrillo rods, a 800 cfm Holly 4-barrel, and tunnel port heads (that placed pushrods at the port’s center)
  • Also made in a dual and single quad 303 ci version for SCCA Trans-Am Series Racing and a 400 ci for the street
  • The 400 ci version has much in common with the SD 455 offered a few years later in the 1973-1974 Trans Am