Chrysler 426 Hemi (Gen 2)


  • This 426 street version is a second generation Hemi nicknamed the “elephant engine”
  • This is an original numbers matching 1966 Belevdere motor with a block date of 10/10/66
  • It dyno’d at 531hp @ 6400rpm (425hp OEM published) and 498lb-ft @ 4500rpm (490lb-ft OEM published)
  • This collectible was produced from 1964 to 1971 and was an option in various 1966 to 1971 street cars from the Belvedere to the Cuda
  • It has been expertly refreshed and bored .30 over using J&E pistons and a mild Comp cam/spring combination
  • Just 11,000 Hemi engines were ultimately produced for consumer sale