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In the 1950s many of the world’s most popular sportscars came from Europe. A team of engineers from General Motors, led by the legendary Harley Earl, went to work to design fiberglass-bodied cars that had the appeal to compete with the best Europe had to offer. The team penned a low body that stood just under 47” tall with a long, sleek hood made possible by moving the ‘Blue Flame’ six-cylinder engine toward the rear. It was reported that the team spent over $1.5 million on the project, a staggering sum for the early 1950s. The finished prototype was introduced and was dubbed EX-122 and made its public debut on the 17th of January 1953 at the legendary Motorama Display in New York City where it featured alongside other luxury concept cars from GM’s family of Marques. The public reaction to EX-122 was overwhelming, and GM quickly rushed the car into production beginning in June 1953. By year’s end, a total of just 300 Corvettes were completed. This first year of Corvette production marked an important technical milestone, as GM was the first major American car manufacturer to successfully mass produce a vehicle with an all-fiberglass body and underpan. The car offered here is 076 of those 300 Corvettes built for 1953. A full restoration was performed by renowned Corvette experts Lloyd Miller and Steve Newsom. Serial number 076 is one of the finest examples available for sale.