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Design Velkē is recreating the iconic style and driving experience with the DV | RSR. Their commitment to period-correct restoration makes it possible to collect this piece of history – and art – that is the 1973 Porsche 911 RSR.



Specializing in restoration and custom design of classic high-performance European sports cars. Recognized as a true craftsman, owner, and creator David Welky has been a student of Porsche design for the last 35 years. He chose the 1973 911 RSR Carrera, for its inspired lines and bold engineering. Born into a family of engineers, David knew early on that exotic car restoration would be his calling.

Though he trained in engineering, the metal artistry involved in custom coachwork is his enduring passion. David’s creativity, integrity, skill, and extreme attention to detail have been recognized consistently through numerous awards. With Design Velkē, he has the creative freedom to build the exceptional cars he and his clients love.

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There’s nothing modern about the DV | RSR tribute motorcar. Hand-formed to the exacting standards of the original 1973 911 RSR, the DV | RSR maintains the Porsche pedigree with an original RSR style body. All of the subtle details are there, from the accurate dimensions to the tight body tolerances that mark superior engineering and craftsmanship.

  • Transaxle: 915 close ratio magnesium case
  • Engine: 3.2SS liter Hi Performance Engine
  • Suspension: sport with RSR-grade anti-sway bars, torsion bars & strut brace
  • Body Style: All-steel with reinforced structural areas
  • Interior: Lightweight RSR Nomex-covered seating
  • Brakes: Drilled & vented disc brakes
  • RSR Style Wheels: 15" X 9" Fronts. 15" X 11" Rears.
  • Tyres: AVON grooved slicks. 9.1/23.5-15 Fronts. 11.0/23.5-15 Rears.
  • General: 915 gearbox, 100-litre fuel tank

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Design Velke 1973 911 RSR Porsche Carrera

Design Velke build principle

Its design was aggressive. Its acceleration, violent. Its interior, sparse. The 1973 911 RSR/Carrera was built to dominate, and it delivered, making it the most iconic and most desirable of the 911s.

The 1973 RSR is the ideal combination of style and the Porsche Principle, “always get the most out of everything,” which has guided Porsche design consistently since the beginning. The 1973’s innovative flared wheel arches were created to accommodate wider wheels and tires. The elegant duck tail spoiler and front air dam advanced its aerodynamics. The chassis was strengthened to handle faster-cornering speeds. With a stronger, lighter body and more powerful engine, the 1973 911 set the standard of the day for high-performance cars.

1973 Design Velke "DV | RSR" Porsche 911 RSR Recreation

Lightweight & more powerful, the 1973 RSR Carrera was the epitome of small-batch Porsche racing cars. Only 55 were built; originals start in the seven figures.