Kawasaki 900Z1


  • Took the motorcycling world by storm and instantly became the ultimate bike to own
  • 903cc, 82 BHP, 8,500 rpm red line, unleaded fuel, minimum pollution, and maximum performance
  • Within months Z1’s took to race tracks all over the world
  • Three Z1’s specially prepared by Kawasaki America broke 52 records over three days at Daytona Speedway in Florida
  • The 900 Z1 was considered the final nail in the coffin for the British motorcycle industry
  • Long distance speed records and standing quarter-miles were shattered by a motorcycle available to the ordinary motorcyclist
  • 1973 “Motorcycle of the Year” based on Motor Cycle News readers
  • This beautiful Z1 is the 37th made in 1973 and has be ridden 192 miles since new. This is not a restoration.