BSA Spitfire Special MKIII


  • In the 1950’s the industrial giant BSA was on top of the world producing buses, industrial power plants, machine tools, weapons, and heavy construction equipment
  • This 1967 BSA Spitfire was produced at the peak of British motorcycling and is the street legal version of the BSA Hornet (an open exhaust no headlight flat tracker)
  • The 1967 model uses Amal Concentrics for drivability and has individual air cleaners instead of the 1966 version’s GP carbs and velocity stacks
  • BSA also owned Triumph, Ariel, Sunbeam, and New Hudson, and produced some of the greatest motorcycles ever made
  • The Spitfire used the two-gallon fiberglass tank and side covers from the Hornet
  • Specifications: 654 cc four stoke parallel twin, OHV, dry sump, and 408 lbs with a top speed of 120 mph