Ace Four Cylinder Sporting Solo


  • The Ace is the final legacy of William Henderson (Henderson Motorcycle Company – Detroit 1912)
  • William Henderson went on to create and build a spectacular new 4-cylinder motorcycle called “The Ace Four” in Philadelphia during the early 1920’s
  • It retains F-head cylinders, has a displacement of 75 CI (1220cc), has splash lubrication delivering 20 HP through a 3-speed gearbox
  • This Ace Four was originally sold in Norway and was later exported to Sweden where it was purchased and restored
  • The Ace Four later became the Indian Four after the passing of William Henderson in a testing accident in 1922
  • The Henderson Brothers sold out to Ignaz Schwinn in November 1917 due to the economic turbulence during World War I
  • The Ace was considerably modernized compared to the last of the original Henderson’s
  • No parts interchange between the later Ace and the earlier Henderson fours
  • Acquired by the MC Collection of Stockholm Sweden in 2007