Expert Car Detailing Services

Throttlestop is about celebrating a passion for cars and motorcycles. So, it makes sense that Throttlestop is also dedicated to preserving the interior and exterior value of high-end automobiles through our intricate car detailing services.

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Our Car Detailing Difference

What makes the Throttlestop’s detailing services unique is our team’s collective experience, intricate attention to detail, and our commitment to providing top-tier service. Our passion extends to cars of all shapes, sizes, and values. Throttlestop’s team of experienced detailers has worked on countless numbers of luxury, multi-million-dollar cars, but whether your car is valued at $30,000 or $3,000,000, each vehicle receives the exact same quality care and service.

Exterior Car Detailing Experts Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

Car Detailing Expertise

The Throttlestop team applies years of product knowledge and expertise to our detailing services. Most store-bought materials are cheap, watered down, and designed to get customers back in the store quickly to restock on their products. At Throttlestop, we use the highest quality industrial products which we personally dilute to our own set of researched specifications. This means our chemicals won’t burn, wear out, or crack the interior upholstery or exterior paint. Mixed perfectly to rigorous standards, Throttlestop’s cleaning supplies are designed to enhance and preserve a vehicle’s beauty and value.

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A Passion for Detailing

Interior Car Detailing Services in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

Interior Car Detailing

A thorough interior inspection

A full vacuum of your vehicle’s carpets and upholstery

Using compressed air, a blowout of debris from tight spots between/under seats and other hard to reach areas

Hard surfaces are scrubbed with an enzyme cleaner to remove dirt and grime

Spot cleaning of the headliner where necessary

A shampooing of carpeting, cloth seats, and floor mats with a professional extractor to remove built-up dirt, grime, and stains

The cleaned hard surfaces are conditioned with a pH-balanced, water-based formula that leaves a satin, non-greasy finish that repels dust

All interior glass is cleaned with lint-free waffle towels

Leather conditioning with a robust added-UV protectant to preserve it from natural elements

Exterior Car Detailing Services in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

Exterior Car Detailing

A complete inspection of all exterior surfaces

A thorough cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and door jambs

A multiple bucket hand wash with pH neutral extreme foam shampoo

A full drying of the vehicle with compressed air and microfiber towels to leave a spot-free surface

A full-vehicle, medium/fine decontamination to remove paint impurities

Machine-applied Single Stage polish to help eliminate imperfections/swirls

A durable paint sealant is applied to help protect your vehicle until its next treatment

Cleaning and protecting of the vehicle’s trim

All exterior glass is retouched to guarantee a streak-free finish

Optional Car Detailing Services in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

Optional Detailing Services

Engine compartment cleaning

Full paint correction to remove paint imperfections

Full ceramic coating packages by accredited Installers

Partial and full paint protection film packages

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Throttlestop’s expert team of passionate detailers has the most intricate detailing process in Southeast Wisconsin. Treat your prized vehicle to Throttlestop’s expert detailing services. For more info or to make an appointment call our detailers at